The exhibition is specifically designed for this gallery. The space is dauntingly voluminous - I decided to "dress" the gallery with works on silk - 120M of it. Hence "sensuous" in the title .As you enter, the wall you are facing has an end-to-end window 3M high, from the floor up. This window provides a look-out to Bass Strait. All of that is pretty unusual for an art space. None of the silk prints are tethered at their lower ends. They waft about with people movement & with the air conditioning. There are three types of exhibits; (i) six transparent yellow silk banners 6.5M long hanging from the ceiling, in the volume of the gallery, in front of the window; (ii) A long (26M) pano shot, 3.6M deep, divided into 21 opaque silk banners, hangs down the three gallery walls at their intersection with the ceiling. This pano shot is of a wild, roaring river; (iii) Ten individual opaque silk prints (1.1x1.5M) at eye-level on the left & right walls. All images recorded are in Tasmania. The six transparent yellow banners suspended from the ceiling (reaching nearly to the floor), are arranged so that you can walk between them - making them them waft. A waving 'forest' of silk 'trees'. The river metaphorically flows into Bass Strait via the RH corner of the gallery - impossibly twice over. Once from the left, & once from the right. The ten eye-level prints are some of the directions in my current work. What's the "potion" part? I find the whole thing altogether bewitching - a magic potion. There's a 5 of it all on YouTube:
tree exhibits - tree 1
tree exhibits - tree 2
tree exhibits - tree 3
tree exhibits - tree 4
tree exhibits - tree 5
tree exhibits - tree 6
upper walls exh - #1 - pano
upper walls exh - #2 - banner 5
indiv prints - # 1-tarn 5
indiv prints - -#2-pencil 4
indiv prints - #3-pencil 7
indiv prints- #4-puddle 1
indiv prints- #5-puddle 3
indiv prints - # 6-cam 1
indiv prints - #7-cam 3
indiv prints- #8-nelson ck 3
indiv prints - #9-pencil pine riv 5
indiv prints -  #10-pencil pine riv 2
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