Mark Twain is reputed to have said: "Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated". Well, in spite of the current virus pandemic, I too am still alive - so far. While I've put in an EOI to a local gallery for an exhibition in the near future, I expect that there will now not be the normal opening - lots of people socializing and looking. The folk who are profiting most from "stimulus" packages from governments around the globe in response to the pandemic are the oligarchs. Billionaires in the U.S. have seen their wealth increase by over $406 billion in April 2020. On the non-oligarch side of things (that's most of us), I think artists can wave goodbye to income from the sale of artwork - except possibly if you made a huge statue of Geoff Bezos. I think it's high time to replace the Statue of Liberty with something reflecting more closely what the USA has developed into. Not that the contradiction didn't exist right at the start. Thomas Jefferson wrote: "all men are created equal". Yet he was a slave owner.Elon Musk defied the COVID-19 shut-down and made electric super cars anyway. (Why does anyone need a super car?). Lamborghine is in production again in Italy. Seems the people who buy those sort of cars don't think about getting around in a Subaru Forester. Money, money, money. For me, the image capturing business has rolled on - it is my form of shaking the "tree" which we call life. Among other subjects, I've taken to photographing clouds. They are magic - and free. Turns out, there's a cloud appreciation society in the UK. The president gave a TED talk in Edinborough. There, he came up with a superb weather forecast: "Cloudy, with a chance of joy". I recommend that in your busy adult lives you take some time out to watch clouds like children do. Dream more. What actually ARE adults so busy with ? Is it really that important? I suspect not. I've further pursued the "ant's view" perspective. What's an "ant's view"? Pretend you're an ant walking along the forest floor, looking up occasionally. That's (my imagined) perspective of an ant's view. Additionally, there's some other "stuff", which my shutter-bug eye seems unable to ignore. Enjoy!
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crocodile cloud
ants view - blackwood
ants view - myrtle
ants view - swamp paperbark
devil's elbow foam 1
devil's elbow foam 2
trees that walk - ents
frome river
beached jellyfish
river reflections
swamp trees

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