Had a wonderful exhibition at this unique gallery - a converted church. The exhibition had only one picture in it. OK, the picture was fairly big. It's actually more factual to say it was enormous. 12x2m to be exact. Divided vertically into 50 panels. The digital file for it was pretty big too - 1.5GB. The river image (Dove River) was displayed around the 4 walls of the Little Gallery space using the 50 vertical panels. In that space, the simulated effect was as if you were actually standing in the steep rain forested canyon where the picture of this wild river was taken. The simulation was augmented by a sound recording of the river. The river drains Lake Dove, which is 10 kms further upstream. In turn, the lake is nestled by Cradle Mnt. It's a combination of three amazing sights, which tourists from all over the world come to see .The second picture in this album is the river roaring out of its canyon.Two further images are from the exhibition opening. The one with the girl bending over, with her ear to one of the panels, shows her listening to the hidden sound recording of the river rushing along. The last picture of the fellow looking at the panels is me.
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Dove River it its canyon,  rainforest - panorama of 8x2 photos
Dove River canyon exit
girl - exhib opening 9
exhib opening 13

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