I’ve dedicated this album to Col & Graham, who were my two companions in a track clearing team at the Scott-Kilvert hut in Nov 2017. Both of them delivered to me a very rare human quality – empathy – a recognition by them, that my plight on the three days there was at times dire. I thank both of them for their thoughtfulness. On this trip, I combined some photographic endeavours with the track clearing work – revisiting sites which I had identified about 20 years earlier. As you can see in this album, I’ve become strongly involved in the world revealed by reflections from water. That reflected world throws up the question: "What in fact is reality?" Is it what we experience when we're awake? Is it what we experience when day dreaming, or when we're asleep? Or is reality some emotional state? In some of this work, I think I’ve pushed to the limit – possibly beyond the limit - the ability of a viewer to decode what they’re looking at. In such a condition you need to abandon analytical attempts & instead experience the image emotionally. There are also shots taken on the Knyvet Falls track, as well as images of the lichens abundant on the edges of the sub-alpine forests of the Vale of Belvour.
ballroom forest reflections
artists pool reflections
flynns tarn - cradle & liitle horn - reflections
lake rodway - reflections
white rocks pool - reflections
white rocks 1
white rocks 2
white rocks 3
knyvet falls 1
knyvet falls 2
knyvet falls 3
pool reflections 1
pool reflections 2
pool reflections 3
pool reflections 5
vale-lichen 5
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