The work installed at this hospital is called "The Wilderness Pill". The title refers to the fact that the vista in the wilderness where this panorama was taken (Dove River Canyon, Cradle Mtn Nat Park) induces a mental state which is mesmerizing. This wilderness creates an inner peace which is truly calming. It's as if you've swallowed a pharmacological pill. Hence the title: "The Wilderness Pill". The scale is gigantic - 11x1.8 meters in 50 vertical panels. Feedback on this public art work has been most enthusiastic - both from patients, & their visitors, as well as hospital staff. It's located (left) at the end of the main entrance corridor to the hospital. I have never before experienced such endorsement of an art work from so many people. People who typically may not visit art galleries. It truly is "art for people". The opening event - organized by hospital staff - was delightfully casual, as shown in the photos & video - YouTube:
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