Apparently, ants can see no further than around 1-2 feet of distance. This makes evolutionary sense to me. After all, if you're as small as ants are, why would you need to see to infinity like people do? Think of the colossal brain you need to process all that visual data. .As an ant you are not perturbed by a bison galloping in your direction. You can't even see the bison coming. Hopefully it doesn't stamp on you as it passes on its way. .------------------ I started to imagine though, what would you see if you were an ant walking along the forest floor, and (i) you DID have the capacity to see way into the distance, and (ii) you were looking vertically up? ---------------- I took some photos like this. I call them "ant's views". I looked up in various places, and came up with these imaginary ant's view images.
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paper bark trees
eucalypt trees
blackwood trees
myrtle tree

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