This exhibition -was specifically designed for the main space of the Burnie Regional Art Gallery (BRAG). All the (Tasmanian) images were printed on silk, hung untethered at the bottom. There were two main components - one in the volume of the gallery, the other on the four walls. The volume component was 17 M long, and hung from ceiling almost to the floor (3M). This component revealed two separate parts of the magnificent Painted Cliffs on Maria Island. The second component was on the four gallery walls. This was the ".Visual Magic" part. At the opening there were local models wearing dresses made from silk printed with my images, mingling with the audience, plus a highly talented local jazz pianist playing in the background on a baby grand piano - Viktor Zappner played my favourite old timer - "Take Five".The opening affair was video-ed - see this link: The visitors book comments say it all: luscious, exceptional, amazing, brilliant, stunning, terrific, wonderful, breath taking, superb, magnificent, spectacular. Some still shots of visitors to the exhibition are attached. A local, published poet - Mary Kille - wrote a very insightful & wide-ranging poem about the exhibition. Unannounced, she showed up at my house, with the poem & some home-grown tomatoes. The first 3 lines read: "The man with the face of Puck plays with our senses; each wind flutter fosters a further intransience, as the magician, once again, ensnares us all". How absolutely wonderful. To top all that off, in Aug 2019, BRAG bought for their collection the 7 banner silk art piece called "Painted Cliffs".
painted cliffs
Howells Point cliffs
bluff river gorge - image A
cam river crossing 2 - image B
cam river crossing 3 - image C
cam river downstream - image D
bearded iris 18
bearded iris 19
cam 0
Howells Pt.  sandstone
nelson ck 2
nelson ck 4
painted cliffs 2
painted cliffs 3
painted cliffs 4
painted cliffs 5
painted cliffs 6
pool reflections 1
pool reflections 2
seagers bark 7