After the voyage of Christopher Columbus, boats sailed west and east from all the nations of western Europe - England, Holland, Belgium, France, Prussia, Portugal, Spain. Continents, islands, etc. were sought wherever they sailed. These voyages were followed by colonization and plundering. People of colour typically existed on these newly found lands. Whites considered themselves superior to people of colour. Racism was (and is) rampant. Fortunes were made - and are being made. On the continent of Australia -the white colonists did their best to eliminate the aboriginals who had been on the continent for the previous 60,000 yrs. The British colonists conveniently declared Australia to be "terra nullius" - land belonging to no-one.Just great! Ownership problem solved by declaration. Now zoom out. If you follow through on this evolution to the world we live in now , there is very sobering outcome. You wind up with climate change. It may seem inappropriate to say this, but the pandemic might assist in the survival of the world - as distinct from survival of the human population. It's very difficult to foresee what the pandemic might lead to. If vaccines don't work, we might wind up back - with a lot fewer folks - where people were at say 300 yrs ago - ie 1720. Oi -unimaginable really - but possible! Additionally however - with climate change - we might already be over the tipping point, with the levels of CO2 already absorbed in the worlds' oceans and the methane being released from the melting of tundra. All due to our insatiable use of non-renewable energy sources. $$$ ....! For the moment though, let's go back to the business of this album. When I was a child, "fairy tales" were told to kids to get them off to sleep at bedtime. The stories typically started with: "Once upon a time ......". This album is also called "Once upon a time ......". However, this is no fairy tale. Rather, it's the true story of what happened on the island of Tasmania, Australia, after the coming of fur sealers (1790 onward), English colonists (1803/4) – initially mostly convicts - and whaling (began around 1805). Present on the island already for many centuries were Tasmanian aboriginals.The sealers and new settlers abducted aboriginal women. These abductions resulted in there being insufficient births among aboriginal tribes to sustain their populations. The aboriginals engaged in war with the white intruders. It was, after all, an invasion. The natives were vastly outnumbered. And of course, spears were no match for muskets. Further, concerted efforts were made to round up any surviving Tasmanian aboriginals, and have them incarcerated on Flinders Island. This album came into being to permit illustration of "what was .... " by showing still existing circumstances of what Tasmania was like before white people came. These "what was ..." circumstances are here contrasted with "what is ..." ones. That is, the circumstances prevailing today. Essentially rape of the land and the sea- forestry, agriculture, settlements, roads, fishing - and all the supporting industries.
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what was - the big tree (yellow=1.2M)
what is .... native  eucs for chips
what is  ... plantation trees 1 - for chips
what is ...plantation trees 2  - for chips
what is - sustainable forests?
what is ...woodchips burnie wharf
what was - aboriginal rock art
what is .... modern rock "art"
what was - aboriginal fish trap (low tide)
what is.....  coastal fishing boat
"what is ...."  sign for emu plains rd.
what is ....emus(?) on the plains

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