Climate change is a fact. Fossil fuel like coal is best kept in the ground.The Coal River Valley in S.E.Tasmania was so named in the early 1800's because of the exposed coal seams present. As it turned out, the coal was of poor quality & extraction was abandoned. Kept in the ground.The Coal River Valley is now a major vineyard, stone fruit & stock grazing area. As a consequence of those activities, the environment is hugely degraded. Very few trees remain in the valley itself. Here's some photos of the water & the land - as it is now.
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coal r rmond 1
settlers hut
settlers graves 1
settlers graves 2
rhyndaston sandstone 1
settlers graves 3
rhyndaston sandstone 2
coal river valley 1
coal river valley 2
coal river valley 3
evening light - coal river 1
evening light - coal river 2
evening light - coal river 3
evening light - reeds
evening light - sagg & rocks
evening light - sagg

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