The west coast of Tasmania is an amazing place. The winds blow unimpeded from Madagascar to Tasmania across the Indian Ocean for about 10,000 kilometers. Few boats venture along that side of Tasmania - for good reason. Much of the coast (350km long ) is very rocky with only one true harbour (Macquarie Habour, right about the middle of the coast) to get into. That is, if you have the nerve to pass through the very narrow (300m) aptly named "Hell's Gates. First, you've got to get safely over the extensive sand bar guarding the entrance.There's no harbour in the northerly direction at all. The rainfall on that coast is miserably legendary.The waves rolling in are enormous. Ocean mist clothes the shore. The coastal shrubbery is very bent. Enormous dunes are built up where there are beaches. In short, a most incredibly wild environment. Before western colonialism, Tasmanian aboriginals roamed along & lived on this coast. Enormous shell middens of the shell fish they ate are in evidence everywhere. As are petroglyphs & many aboriginal sites The northern end of the coast is known as the Tarkine coast - after the Tarkineer native band. If all of that attracts you, I can recommend the West coast.
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